Admission Procedure

Only the candidates who qualify in JAM 2010 (whose names appear in the Merit List) shall be eligible to apply for admission to any of the corresponding academic programmes available at different IITs . Candidates are advised, in their own interest, to refer to the brief profiles of the admitting institutes and departments included in this Information Brochure. Applicants should note that they have to apply for admission by sending an Application Form for Admission (henceforth called Admission Form) only to the Organizing Institute (IIT Madras).

An applicant can apply to one or more academic programmes corresponding to the test paper(s) in which he/she has qualified, subject to fulfillment of the minimum educational qualifications and the eligibility requirements of the Admitting Institute(s). For the academic session 2010-11, the following admission procedure shall be followed for all the programmes at the IITs covered under JAM 2010.

  • (i) After JAM 2010 results are announced, a qualified candidate will have to apply on the prescribed Admission Form to the Organizing Institute (IIT Madras) only, irrespective of the IIT(s) where he/she desires to seek admission. The application form(s) for admission will be sent along with the Rank Card to the qualified candidates and can also be downloaded from the website of the Organizing Institute.
  • (ii) Irrespective of whether a candidate has qualified in one or two test papers, he/she needs to send only one duly completed Admission Form listing all the programmes at the IITs (along with the order of preferences) to which the admission is sought.
  • (iii) The duly completed application form for admission along with required enclosures must be sent by the applicant to the Organizing Chairman, JAM 2010, IIT Madras, Chennai - 600036, along with an Account Payee Demand Draft of Rs.300/- (Rupees three hundred only), drawn in favour of "JAM 2010", payable at Chennai, as non-refundable processing fees. It must be noted that the application form for admission either found incomplete in any respect or if not accompanied by a Demand Draft of Rs.300/- shall be rejected and the candidate shall not be considered for admission irrespective of his/her eligibility for any programme(s) for which application form for admission has been submitted. Also, a candidate will be considered for admission only to the programme(s), given in his/her Admission Form. The last date for receiving the completed application form(s) for admission along with Demand Draft of Rs. 300/- only at the Organizing Institute (IIT Madras) is 7th June, 2010.
  • (iv) Taking into consideration the order of preferences as given in the Admission Form and corresponding rank(s) in the merit list, the First Admission List for each programme under JAM 2010 will be prepared by the Organizing Institute and will be announced at 17:00 hours on 16th June 2010.
  • (v) After the declaration of the First Admission List, admission offers will be sent by the respective Admitting Institute(s) to the candidates concerned on 18th June 2010. Last date for conveying the acceptance of the offer by the candidates to the Organizing Chairman, JAM 2010, IIT Madras, is 30th June 2010. Along with the acceptance of offer, these candidates will also have to send an advance fee of Rs. 5000/- to the Organizing Chairman through a demand draft in favour of the "JAM 2010", payable at Chennai. This amount will be transferred to the Admitting Institute and the same will be adjusted at the time of registration.
  • (vi) In case some seats remain vacant (after the First Admission List), the Organizing Institute will prepare additional admission lists. These lists will be announced by the Organizing Institute and admission offers based on these lists, if any, will be sent by the Admitting Institute(s) to the candidates concerned. The candidates offered admission through the additional lists must report directly to the admitting institute on the date of semester registration. With that the admission process based on JAM 2010 will come to an end.
  • (vii) If a candidate has been allotted a seat through first admission list and if he/she accepts the offer of admission, his/her lower preferences, if any, will be automatically cancelled but he/she shall remain on the waiting list for all of his/her higher preferences, if any, in the next round of admissions. Those eligible candidates, who are not allotted any seat in the First Admission List, shall remain on the waiting list in the next round of admissions. Candidates who do not want to be considered for higher preference programme(s) in the next round of admissions, will have to indicate about the same in the prescribed form at the time of acceptance of the admission offer. However, once a candidate fails to accept an admission offer, he/she will not be considered for any of his/her choices thereafter and hence, in the next round of admissions, he/she will not be in the waiting list of any programme.


  • Verification of minimum educational qualifications and the eligibility criteria for admission is the prerogative of the Admitting Institute(s) only and the Organizing Institute will not respond to any queries in this regard.
  • The offer of admission to a candidate will be provisional, subject to the fulfillment of all the requirements by the dates specified.
  • Candidates should note that being in the merit list of any Test Paper neither guarantees nor provides any automatic entitlement for admission. Admissions shall be made in order of merit and depending on the number of seats available at the Admitting Institute(s).


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